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Shut Up & Sit Down reviews the latest expansions to the X-Wing Miniatures Game, including the massive Tantive IV Expansion Pack that I’m currently obsessed with (but bravely refraining from buying).

Holy shit this X-Wing expansion ship is huge.

Holy shit this X-Wing expansion ship is huge.

King of New York

MtG/Netrunner creator and lasagna fanatic Richard Garfield is set to unveil the sequel to King of Tokyo, King of New York, at GenCon and BGG has a preview. It sounds similar to King of Tokyo, but appears to introduce some more sophisticated area control mechanics (each borough can be occupied and moved between).

The cards include a lot of local references.

And of course, lots of new power-ups are being introduced…

A lot of my casual gamer friends really loved the original KoT, so I’m looking forward to see if Garfield has come up with something that ups the strategy while maintaining the accessibility that gets new players hooked. The game will see a full release this September.

The Domain Name Game

I invented a stupid party game for 3 or more players.

The rules…

In order, a player writes down a URL which may or may not be real (for example: and shows all players.

Each other player then secretly writes down whether they think the domain is registered or not. Once all players have made their choice, reveal the answers and use to check if the domain is available.

The player who chose the domain receives one point for each player who guesses wrong.

Play until you’re tired of it.



The guy on this game lost a lot of weight…

He’s also now wearing shorts. That’s probably for the best.

Yet another example of a “hot makeover” of a children’s game.


Quantum @ NYU Game Center - After our trip to Uncommons, we went over to the NYU Game Center to demo Eric Zimmerman’s new game and every winner at each table got win a copy of the game.

A big thanks to Bobby from Passport Games for teaching us the game!! Playing Quantum felt like playing a quick mini 4x game with puzzle elements added to the play. Dies represented not only different types of spaceships, but also how fast and how strong each ship was. The goal of the game was to place all of your quantum cubes on the board before anyone else. The experience was cutthroat and very intense up until the last part of the game where two players had one more cube to put down to win. In the end, I came out to be the winner by dominating in combat, which allowed me to place my last cube for free.

I won a copy of the game and got it signed by the designer himself! 

Hey, I went to this! I was on the other side of the room playing Guts of Glory.

Last night I attended the launch party for Zach Gage’s Guts of Glory at the NYU Game Center, a light card game about trying to eat in a post-apocalyptic world where the most appetizing things are old tires and refrigerators.

The gameplay is fast and fun. Each turn you take a card from a central offer (“spewing” a card from your mouth to the next player if you don’t have room), take two “chew” tokens and add them to your cards. Once a card has enough chews you swallow it for victory points or to claim a one-time ability. Condiment cards can help you in your efforts by giving you extra chews or do interesting things to other players or the offer. Cool art, fun amount of gross without getting obscene. Fun times.