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Ernie Kovacs explains the board game Droongo. (via merlin).

Doctor Who: The Card Game by Martin Wallace

A fairly simple game of attacking a defending and comparing the results of simple addition. It’s a bit like the fortress defense mechanic of A Few Acres of Snow (same designer) turned into an entire game.

Three interesting mechanics…

All players are playing as both the Doctor + his companions AND the amalgamated baddies from the Doctor Who Universe. When defending one’s location cards, play with the good guys. When attacking an enemy, play a Dalek or Cyberman or one of the creepy Blink statues.

Players must end their turn with exactly 3 cards. These 3 cards are passed to your right at the end of your turn and the player draws 2 from the deck. Adding the 3 received from the next player at the end of their turn refills the hand back to 5 cards.

During a round, players may take as many actions as they can , mindful of the “keep 3” rule above. However during the game end lightning round, each player may only play one action and does not redraw. Things get very tense trying to use the dwindling hand for maximum effect, and has the ability to turn the tide of the game on a tuppence.

Netrunner Hyperlapse

My buddy recorded (most of) a game of Netrunner in Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app.

What Games Have The Best Bang For The Buck? — Clever Contest


What Games Have The Best Bang For The Buck? — Clever Contest

Board games aren’t nearly as expensive as they seem. Once you account for the number of people a game can entertain and the number of hours over which it can entertain them, a board game is less expensive than a night out for dinner, a brand-new video game or a brand new DVD.

Hourly Entertainment CostsBut some games achieve a better dollar-efficiency than others. Many gamers have now tired of Dominion. But, before they…

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To me, at $25, Race for the Galaxy is the best game for the money. In fact, I’d even go ahead and strike “for the money” from that sentence. Added bonus: the base set is a single deck of cards so it’s also one of the most portable games out there. Get it, learn the crazy iconography, love it.

Shut Up & Sit Down reviews the latest expansions to the X-Wing Miniatures Game, including the massive Tantive IV Expansion Pack that I’m currently obsessed with (but bravely refraining from buying).