Marathon two-player game sesh’ last night.

Played two quicky rounds of Ghost Pirates to kick things off. It’s a nice light game with lots of dice chucking. The function of cards as one-shot items and ship parts makes for some interesting tactical decisions. I would prefer if there were a handful more items to add some variety, but I can think of worse ways to spend 20 minutes.

Then Netrunner’d with the decks that won this year’s GenCon tourney (runner, corp). Had to make a couple substitutions since we only have the one core set. I’ve never been a CCG/LCG player, but I could definitely see the logic that went into building both of these decks. Much clearer strategy than the starter decks provide.

Then another playtest of the game I’m building, henceforth known as VS. Like I said before it’s a tableau/deck-builder/work-placement/war-game mashup and it’s really starting to hum. Plenty of cards need tweaks still, but the core mechanics are jelling nicely IMO. I can’t wait for it to be a real thing some day.

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